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KH2PO4 testing and overdose. (oh no)

I needed to add some Phosphates to my heavily planted tank (med fish load)
as it seemed that all the Phosphate had been used up and plant growth had
slowed down greatly (Nitrates were on the rise once the plants stopped
growing, I fert with PMDD and Master Grow, CO2 DIY and 2x 175 MH lights).
It's happened to me before and adding P got the nitrates down.

Anyways, mixed some KH2PO4 I got from a hydroponic store with water and kept
adding it to my tank and tested for P levels using a Hagen kit (found all
their other kits are great).
After adding more and more of mix I got suspicious and tested the mix itself
and can't detect ANY Phosphates!  Now does KH2PO4 have to sit for a while
before the P can be detected or do I just have bad test kit?  I shudder to
think just how much Phospates I'v added.  At least the plant growth is going
to be something to see :)

Thanks in adv