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    Paul Krombholz wrote that Rotalas seem to be sensitive to heavy doses of 
nutrients, producing tiny distorted new leaves.  I have so little experience, 
but I thought I would ask if there was another possibility.  Could it be that 
the extra nutrients pushed plant growth into a new deficiency?
    I saw growth that sounds just like that, and very severe, on my Rotalas 
(indica var. red, and macrandra var. narrow leaf) when I started using 
phosphate fertilizer.  The plants grew much faster and larger leaved, and 
then developed those symptoms, for the first time (I'd had them for a year or 
so).  If I remember correctly, increased calcium reversed it (I wasn't 
reconstituting my ro water very well back then).
    Other types of deficiency symptoms that I'd never seen before followed 
right after that- I think one might have been Boron, and the other maybe even 
Copper.  I wasn't able to address those very much before I changed the whole 
set-up.  Now lower light and no phos. fert., but still have the one that may 
be Boron defic.


    Zach K