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Re: Blue Green Algae

That's pretty interesting... can you give more details about your tank
(specifically fish load)... also did you test the water by any chance to see if
any of your nutrient/trace element levels changed over that period of time?
The outbreak that I had is completely wiped out in my tank... the water was
crystal clear, the plants that were being choked by it are showing amazing signs
of improvement.  I haven't changed the water yet... hopefully dilution won't cause
a backlash... interestingly I now have an outbreak of ich in the tank... its more
than likely unrelated to the cyanobacteria and antibiotics as I just added a new
batch of fish a week or two ago, but I thought I'd mention it.  I'm using rid-ich
now to hopefully get rid of it.

Bob wrote:
Then miraculously, I was feeding the fish yesterday afternoon and noticed that the
whole thing had completely disappeared in a matter of less than ten hours.