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Re: Off Topic - Daphnia Culture Tips?

At 03:48 AM 10/27/00 -0400, you wrote:
>Aquatic Plants Digest     Friday, October 27 2000     Volume 04 : Number 633
>In this issue:
>	Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #632
>	New to the list
>	Calibrating Dupla pH-electrode
>	Re: Blue geen algae.
>I'm not clear as to exactly how to feed them yeast
>when keeping an indoor culture.  What concentrations
>of yeast and water in the formula, how much, and how
>often?  I want to keep a culture in an old ten gallon
>tank (it's starting to get cold here).  
>I also can't really find much on how to intentionally
>grow green water.

Green water can be generated w/ high light and micro-nutrient dosing.
Especially, if the iron content is in excess so I'm told.  You Daphnia
sucesss is the envy of us all!

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