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Re: Off Topic - Daphnia Culture Tips?

  I'm not sure how they got in your wheel barrow, but I do keep them
inside, myself.  I keep them in a 15 gal tank with an open airline on
low.  I feed them yeast by putting a bit in a jar of water from the
tank and shaking it to dissolve the yeast.  Then I pour it into the
Daphnia tank.  I add enough to make the tank pretty cloudy, and the
Daphnia usually have it crystal clear in a couple of days.  Other stuff
you can feed them: egg yoke emulsion, baby food, fish food - pretty
much anything.  Just try to mush it up enough that it will keep
  A snail in the tank wouldn't hurt either.  It keeps the algae down
(the stuff on the glass that the Daphnia don't eat), and help to keep
the sunken food to a minimum.


J. Miller
Edmonton, AB, Can.

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