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Off Topic - Daphnia Culture Tips?

I know, this is a bit off topic, but I haven't been
guilty of this "offense" before, so maybe you all will
let this one slide. :)

Here it goes.  In my backyard under a bush there is a
wheelbarrow filled with rainwater and muck that is
filled with SWARMS of daphnia (also mosquitos and
blood worms).  There is no water movement in the
wheelbarrow at all, and no algae that I can see.     
I don't know how in the world they got there (never
present in the several previous years I have done
this).  These are smallish daphnia that swim in open
water and cling to floating leaves and such.  
Young ones are barely larger than baby brine shrimp.
Fish of all sizes love them.  

Are they eating bacteria from rotting organic matter?
Why are there always so many no matter how many I

I'm not clear as to exactly how to feed them yeast
when keeping an indoor culture.  What concentrations
of yeast and water in the formula, how much, and how
often?  I want to keep a culture in an old ten gallon
tank (it's starting to get cold here).  
I also can't really find much on how to intentionally
grow green water.

BUT, could I just duplicate their outdoor environment
by keeping a ten gallon tank on the windowsill, not
aerating the water, and throwing dead leaves in every
once in awhile?  That would sure be easy for me.

Thanks, Cavan


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