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Re: Apon ulvaceus

>>I poorly described the growth of the plant. Each leaf grows on a rather
long stem, sometimes 4 inches or greater. With the actual leaf growth
beginning sometimes midway up the tank, I have 15-20 inch leafs growing up
and laying on top of the water in bunches--which I am forced to keep
removing because it blocks light to other plants. It's also located near a
powerhead which doesn't help matters. Each leaf is wide and undulating, but
perhaps because it is growing near enough to the light because of the
elongated stems? I'd guess I'd say this is healthy growth, and it's
producing flower stalks every
few weeks or so. <<

I guess I misunderstood your question. Basically your complaint is that the
plant is too big, and blocking light to other plants..I dont think there is
any way to control that with light that would be satisfactory. The plant
will either remain large, or if you cut back the light dramatically new
leaves will look deformed..too skinny. (Could also trigger dormancey) I dont
think there is a happy medium! You can keep trimming back the leaves, (the
whole leaf), but that seems rather pointless to me. I have had germinated
bulbs floating in the tank and still produce large, undulating leaves.

To answer someone elses question, Aponogetons do go dormant for three of
four months, but in the aquarium now a days, many never go dormant. I have
had ulvaceus and crispus last for several years and never go dormant, or if
the leaves die off, they come back within a couple of weeks if the plant is
left alone. (I cant speak for other varieties)

Robert Paul H
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