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Re: Aponogeton Ulvaceous (seasonal plants)

I understand that a. ulvaceous will go dormant. 

I have an additional question with regard to this topic. I have a. crispus in 
a 29 gallon tank. It's grown quite large and sits in the middle of the tank. 
I have to decide whether to remove this plant or a very large sword nearby, 
as the tank can't house 2 large centerpiece plants. Actually the crispus 
looks quite nice and I'd prefer to leave that, but if I remove the sword, and 
the crispus dies out, I'm left with a bare spot. 

Just wondering if there are occasional flukes and what the likeliehood would 
be of keeping the crispus growing and active.


> Are Aponogeton's seasonal plants?  Do they drop leaves and become dormant
>  at some point during the year? I thought that I read this somewhere. I
>  looked it up on Tropica's site but it did not mention this.  I have one
>  that is really beautiful, especially when the O2 bubbles form along its
>  "corkscrew" shaped leaves. I would like to get more but figured it might be
>  rude to find half the tank gone some morning. Are there any of the
>  available aquatic plants that die back seasonally?