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Dual light system set-ups and MH colour rendering

Hello all,

I would like to know if anybody has experience with mixed licht set-ups. I'm talking about a hood with mixed MH and fluorescents. 
My fiancee loves planted tanks too, but she absolutely prefers pendant metal halides since she finds it to give so natural light and shading. She also likes the open top since she can see floating leaves and flowers etc… I like open tops too but I think the fish colors look not so nice under MH. Plants are my main concern but the fish need to look good also! 
Since I am planning a new big dream set-up ( 100-150 Gal ) , light will need to be constructed or bought. Now, browsing the internet I saw a few possibilities: Pendant hood with fluorescents, pendant hood with MH and pendant hood with combination of the two. My problem with MH is colour rendition of fish. I kinda like the colour and appearance given by fluorescents but I also like the light effects of MH.  Therefore, a combination may be nice. I saw a nice one made by a German manufacturer.  ( It was a 2 X 150W MH with 2 X 30W fluorescents on the side, expensive though) . I am a bit worried that this kind of light is going to be too strong ( since MH convert that power more efficient into light, or am I wrong here? )I ,ma ready to spend some money in few weeks from now but this light will have to go long way so I need to like it.  
Anybody has experience with such a dual set-up? Any links with pics or plans?
Anybody has a solution for the colour rendering of the fish with MH's?
Anybody ever did away with his MH because he did not like the colour?
How bad is too much light? 

Colorus et degustibus non disputandum est. ( colour and taste are impossible to dispute)


Dirk alias Sakanaman

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