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Re:Aponogeton ulvaceous

Sylvia wrote, Mon., Oct. 23:
>While I finally have no problem getting these leaves to grow upright as
>opposed to horizontally, since addition of CO2, it's growth actually appears
>rather unsightly in my tank. The leaves get very long and grow from a stem.
>I'm not sure if this is due to too low lighting conditions, and the leaves
>are reaching for the light. Maybe this plant is more suitable for a deeper
>tank? (I have it in a standard 55 gal)
>Does it grow more compact and fuller under higher light?

When I had my A. ulvaceous plant growing at its healthiest, its leaves had
long stems (petioles).  It was in a 75 gallon with four 40 watt T-12s with
CO2 additions.  I thought the plant looked its best.  Later, I tried
planting it in a very high iron oxide soil, as an experiment, and it went
downhill, growing much shorter, compact leaves, and finally dying.  I've
got pictures of it, which I will be bringing to the AGA Conference.