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Re:UV Sterilizer

Steve Dixon wrote, Monday, Oct. 23:

>I don't know the answer to the question but I think the key point is that
>this only takes a couple or three days to work perfectly.  I did a water
>change without adding the usual nutrients before hooking up the diatom
>filter/UV sterilizer; then after the tank came sparkling clear, I removed
>the equipment and added the usual compliment of nutrients.  No problema.

With all this talk about the effectiveness of UV sterilizers, I am
beginning to wonder if the one I got---a 10 watt, 14 inch Coralife---is
defective.  I can run it on a green water 55 gallon tank for a week, and
the water gets barely clear enough to see through the length of the tank.
The residual cloudniss persists indefinitely while I am running the
sterilizer.  What is this cloudiness?  Is it killed algae suspended in the
water?  I don't think it is killed algae, because when I remove the
sterilizer, the cloudiness increases and the water gets green again, with
no delay.