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Söchting Carbonator

Hello everyone

I have just returned from my LFS with a glossy leaflet in my hand regarding
the "Schting Carbonator".

It is another piece of miracle equipment for the aquarium. It is designed to
deliver pure C02 into the aquarium without electricity or cables, bottles of
gas, regulators and tubes.
The glossy states it will deliver approx. 1 g. pure C02 for more than 4
weeks, for aquaria up to 250 litres.
It works on the principal of a small catalyst driving out constant and
steady CITRIC ACID from a plastic container. This citric acid drips down
into carbonate solution. The result is harmless citrate solution and pure
carbon dioxide. The C02 is collected under a bell and is diffised into the
water from there.
The glossy does include a very good PH / Carbonate Hardness / C02 graph and
goes into some detail about this.
web address http://www.superfish.nl   but unless you speak dutch this will
be more than useless.
As "cheap" Co2 equipment is hard to come by in the UK,  I'm always on the
look out to gain C02 in my tank without spending huge amounts of money....
the unit retails here at around 20.00, replacement media at around 8.00. I
guess a couple of quid a month outlay.
Any one heard of this unit / this method of generating C02 / comments on the
harmless Citrate solution..
best regards
Gareth Bradbury