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RE: Re: mineral wool bad for fish?

>>The mineral wool is usually a form of spun glass, and isn't really
>>  chemically harmful to the fish.

>Maybe so, but don't out it past the little buggers to chew on it.  It will
>definitely be hard on their intestinal tracts.

>Bob Dixon

well, once my java ferns established i'll see about removing the wool. i'll
try and remove before hand on any other plants thati buy.

i'm thinking about java moss and an anubias or 2. begginer plants(i'm a very
very very begining beginer)

my nitrate levels are something like 90 ppms out of my tap, so i need
plants, lots of plants. if i can get the java moss established, and with my
java fern(i'm thinking about fixing anmother one to the wood) and some
anubias, hopefully they may help lower my levels!

better get some plants fertiliser while i'm at it too...

Chris Moody,
Aka, The Zpyder
zpyder at btinternet_com
zpyder at hotmail_com