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Re:#624 low light plants and CO2 yeast

> J Miller <ruddigar_99 at yahoo_com wrote:
>   I've been thinking about other so called low light plants.  Since I
> found out that Crypts actually prefer more light, I was wondering if
> other low lights like Java Fern and Anubias would also like to have
> more light, along with more nutrients, of course.

I am growing nana and coffeefolia at 2.9 watts/gallon.  I get a new leaf
about every two weeks and it seems 1 out of ten is always in flower.  I
think that's good growth.  The only problem is when algae breaks out in high
light conditions the Anubias can't outgrow it like faster plants.

>From: "Wayne S" <wayne at waswa_fsnet.co.uk>
> of around 15".  I've noticed at this depth the bubble rate is much slower
> than when I bubbled the gas into a collection bell near the surface.
> got an explanation for this?  Is the increased pressure in the system
> exposing a leak or do I get more CO2 per bubble?

I've noticed this effect myself and I always assumed that the yeast performs
slower under the increased pressure.