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Ich!! Help!!

Bob wrote:

>  > I've suspected that my tank might have been infected with Ich disease. Most
>>   fish in the tank died with a rotten fins! Is it because of White Spot?
>  >
>  >   . . .  Until this evening, I've seen a very small moving
>  >  creature in the tank and I wonder if it's an ICH. What is it look like?
>Ich is not a moving creature nor is it rotten fins.  It is small white spots
>all over the fishes' bodies.  The rotten fins are probably a fungus . . .

ICH is an organism with several stages in its life cycle. In one
of these stages, it IS an moving organism, but its too small to
see with the naked eye. The Kordon site has a good explanation of
ICH, and the Waterlife site has a reasonably good disease diagnosis




Steve Rogers
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