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Re: Amano's Unknown "Javamoss"

I have seen 3 different types of moss for sale in Japan. One is Java Moss
(Vesicularia dubyana) from South Asia, Willow Moss (Fantinalis antipyretica)
which is said to be cosmopolitan, and Amazon Moss (Vesicularia sp.). Java
Moss tends to be more compact and light green with brown dead spots being
common. Were as Willow Moss is darker and more 'branchy' with fewer dead
brown spots. All mosses listed here are shade loving, some more light
tolerant than others. Aqua Journal Vol. 23 features moss aquascapes. This
issue details 3 other aquatic mosses, Fissidens japonicus, Taxiphyllum
barbieri, and Cratoneuron filicinum. T barbieri is light green and with
small thin stringy branches. F japonicus on the other hand is really think,
looks similar to a terrestrial moss.

Amano is not the only one who uses that name. It is a common name for this
plant in the trade in Japan. Don't even get me started on how the Japanese
give funky English names for things.

Ryan Stover