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Re: Amano's Unknown "Javamoss"

>Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2000 11:55:44 -0400
>From: Dwight <boukmn at mindspring_com>
>Subject: Re: Amano's Unknown "Javamoss"

> Does anyone have a scientific or common name for this plant?

Dwight, over here in Singapore, it's known by many names.  Christmas Moss,
Triangular Moss, Willow Moss, Taiwan Moss - take your pick.

I can guess how these common names came about.  Christmas because, when
tied to driftwood and growing well,  it looks like a Christmas Tree.
Triangular because of the shapes of the fronds.  Willow, I don't know but
could be named after weeping willows.  Taiwan because that's where its
originally from.  If you have a girlfriend called Kate, you can even name
it after her.  You know, Kate Moss :)

I have heaps of them in my tanks and it all started about 2 years ago when
I found one frond of this strange looking moss in a bunch of Java Moss
which I bought from a fish shop.  There are a few folks on this mailing
list who have received the moss from me in the past.  I don't know how many
of them have successfully propagate this moss but it's really quite easy.
It's not a demanding plant.  If you can grow Java Moss, you shouldn't have
any problems with it.

Anyone who wants the moss can try sending me a private email.  I don't
promise I have enough for everyone but if you write a nice email, you are
sure to get some ;)

Loh K L