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Re: Reverse Osmosis

On Fri, 20 Oct 2000, Lee E. Krieger wrote:

> I had the unfortunate disaster of moving to a new town where the water
> does not easily support planted tanks.  :-( I have already lost almost
> all of my plants.
> After many experiments and trials and much error I have decided that our
> city water is just not suitable for planted aquariums.  After a year of
> battling this problem I am close to giving up and putting the tanks up
> for sale.

Since you have city water, contact the water company and ask for the results
of the last water quality analysis. You'll probably have to be routed
through a few "customer service clones" but they will eventually either mail
it to you, or point you at a website. You may be able to determine what the
problem is and correct it more simply.

I used RO for a couple years. It was more trouble than I could stand after a
while and was major overkill for the problem with my water.

Jon Wilson