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Re: shipping fish

>>Subject: Re: shipping fish
Just a quick clarification. The rates being quoted for Priority Mail are
wrong. It is not $3.20 for the first pound. The $3.20 is for up to 2 pounds.
Each additional pound adds about $1.30 or less (goes down slightly as the
weight goes up). For example,3 pounds adds $1.30 for a cost of $4.50 , 4
pounds would be $5.40. <<

It also depends on where it is going. The rate differs depending on the zip
code its being sent to and the zip code its being sent from. Other carriers
take the dimension of the box as well as its weight into the rate.

Robert Paul H<<

Matters not on Priority Mail. I ship fish and plants regularly. The same size 
and weight box costs the same no matter where it is going - next door or to 
Hawaii. Check the Post Office Web Page for the rates and regulations.