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(Good Tasting Algae)

Bill wrote:


>     I think that we forget (I am probably guilty), that there is such thing
> as too many Algae eating fish, that is if you don't have SAEs, Octos,
> Jordanelae Floridae (sp?), assorted shrimp, snails etc... you will have one
> strain that persists.

That's a good point.  Personally, I have always been very careful to cater the amount of algae eaters to the tank.... I think its a good practice to start with less algae eaters than you think you'll need (maybe much less) and add accordingly... this has worked well for me.

> "which nutrient combinations produce
> which algaes?" I think a more appropriate question we should ask is, which
> algae eaters in combinations leave which algaes alone?
>     I think it would be neat to compile some data that figured out:
>     1) Which algae eaters the tank had:
>     2) Which Strains of algae persisted:
>     I think it would also be important to get some other factors included:
> nutrient load, specific nutrient load, light level,  CO2 and any other
> categories which would be pertinent.


I really like this approach... unfortunately it seems that algae is dealt with a little inefficiently... often with shotgun techniques... change water, wait it out, etc.... it would help alot if we could find trends in data that would support hypotheses about different algae proliferations.  Each case should provide as much data as possible for there particular algae problem or lack thereof.
Anyway... i'm all for it... anyone else?