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Plants that don't need ammonia

I went to my LFS and asked him about keeping plants in San Antonio water. He 
told me all about that, then we went on to light and filters and other stuff. 
He said, that in an Eclipse tank, the bio-wheel sucks up ammonia and nitrites 
and that's why some plants don't do good in it. Like water sprite. He said he 
can't find the article in this fish mag (forgot the name), but it listed 
plants that do good (or live for that matter) in tanks that don't have such a 
good bacteria colony(non-bio-wheel). Do these plants require it? Ludwiga 
repens, crypts, vals, am. sword (it's doing great in my tank, only 1.5 watts 
per gallon, too), creeping charlie, java fern, other swords? Thanks
Erik J. (it looks like there is 3 Eriks here!)