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Re: Plant swaps

Larry Lampert wrote:

>I have done several trades via the APD and have been very happy with the
>plants and the process. Thanks to Cavan Millsman, and Jeff Bodin! I would
>not let one bad transaction sour your view on the readership of the APD
>whether active poster or more of a lurker like myself. 

My experience matches Larry's.  My rotala, some of my swords, java fern 'windelov', cherry barbs, water sprite, and a HUGE aponogeton ulvacaeous (thanks Brian) all came from various trades or gifts.  I have traded, sold, or given away java fern, anubias, riccia, crypts, vals, mollies, and others to people on this list.  And I've never had a bad experience.

I don't think you'll find many crooks taking the time to read the digest, looking for an opportunity to score some java fern.

David Ozenne
Fremont, CA

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