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Algae Question...

Hi All,

Now that I have declared that my tank has so far been spared much algae I
have an algae question. The algae that I have seen so far is very odd. It
mostly consists of a solitary very long strands that comes off of some
Amazon Swords. It is literaly like a 4 to 8 inch thread that floats out
into the currents. I am assuming that this is algae. Is it thread or hair
algae? I looked on The Krib but did not read of anything that was a single
long filamentous strand. There is not much so far but the Oto's ignore it.
If it persists should I add a couple of SAE's?... I plan to get them anyway
but did not want to add more algae eaters until the tank could support them...



mourip @ erols . com