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RE: Running Vortex filters for long periods

The Vortex Diatom Filter is designed for continuous use
if one prefers (Stated in their spec sheet). I have
four of these filters for 27 years and run them 24-48
hours at a time with no problems. Keep the motor oiled
and the seals greased with 100% food grade silicone.
These units last forever. Well, depends on your description
of forever. Some of the stuff out there now, forever equals
2-3 years.

Mark Robinson

>Yes, you are missing something.  The whole point of the filter.  It is >for 
>"scrubbung" the water and removing the silt and stuff that reduces >clarity.  
>That should take no more than an hour, unless your tank is really huge. > They 
>won't run for hours on end, and they aren't intended to.  If you have >one 
>you've used for years that way, you are lucky.  

>Bob Dixon