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Light bulb advice

Karla thinks we need some new bulbs for the tanks (true) but she wants to
try something other than PennPlax Ultra Tri-Lux and Triton. I've always
liked them but now she claims "the UTL are too yellow and the Tritons are
the only bulbs that claim to need a starter". One does not debate such
things with Karla.  

Says she:  "I want to order some new bulbs for the aquariums - at least two
new ones for each of the two 100s. Sylvania makes both a Grolux 8500K and a
Luxline 6000K, GE makes an Aqua Ray - K value unknown, and there is also a
brand called Zoo Med that has a 5500K, 8500K, 10,000K or a trichromatic
available.  Any recommendations from reading APD?"

How about it, fair readers? If you were to recommend new bulbs to George,
who has been *really* happy with UTL and Triton for lo these many years,
which would it be? Don't be shy, this isn't a trick. 

George Booth, confused in Ft.Collins, CO  (booth at frii_com)
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