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Light bulb advice

This post didn't seem to make it the first time. Apologies if it appears


Karla thinks we need some new bulbs for the tanks (true) but she wants to
try something other than PennPlax Ultra Tri-Lux and Triton. I've always
liked them but now she claims "the UTL are too yellow and the Tritons are
the only bulbs that claim to need a starter". One does not debate such
things with Karla.  

Says she:  "I want to order some new bulbs for the aquariums - at least two
new ones for each of the two 100s. Sylvania makes both a Grolux 8500K and a
Luxline 6000K, GE makes an Aqua Ray - K value unknown, and there is also a
brand called Zoo Med that has a 5500K, 8500K, 10,000K or a trichromatic
available.  Any recommendations from reading APD?"

How about it, fair readers? If you were to recommend new bulbs to George,
who has been *really* happy with UTL and Triton for lo these many years,
which would it be? Don't be shy, this isn't a trick. 

George Booth, confused in Ft.Collins, CO  (booth at frii_com)
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