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Re: Re: Water changes/N & O2 / fish load

Tom wrote:

>  Fish use it up quite fast as we all know on the APD (how long after the
>  power goes out will my fish all die?). Based on weight and mass, fish use
>  far more O2 than the equal amount of plants.

Another blunder. Last night for the first time, ever, I forgot to turn the 
strip back on which powers 2 filters on two separate tanks, and the heaters 
for each tank. (Lighting is independently powered on a timer). I began 
turning off the filters during feeding a few months ago because I have fry in 
one tank and I noticed it was helpful in the other tank because it alerted 
the fish (some recently acquired) when it was mealtime, to look up for food; 
otherwise they wouldn't find it. Plant growth in that tank has gotten very 
dense through lack of pruning and basic neglect, and they have to purposely 
come up looking for it to get anything. Anyway, whenever the power shuts 
down, they all come swimming up from the depths, looking for gruel--and they 
wait there patiently till it comes.

Anyway, I woke up in a panic today remembering that I never turned the 
filters & heaters back on after feeding. Fearing to find masses of bodies 
floating, I raced to find them still looking around expectantly--by this time 
the lights were back on--and otherwise fine. The temperature had even dropped 
on both tanks significantly. It was probably about a 14 hour period of time, 
during, for the most part, lights out.