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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #591

> From: Jared Weinberger <jweinberger at knology_net>
> Subject: Re: Lighting (getting very frustrated)
> zxcvbob wrote re PC bulbs <<The 40W lamps are cheaper than the 55W
> equivalents and they last longer.>>
> In reply to my question about the lifespan of PC bulbs, Ivo Busko wrote the
> List
> <<Presuming that the manufacturer's claims are correct, that is, a typical
> PC fluorescent looses no more than 10% of its (design) light output during
> its rated life, you probably could keep  the PCs running for at least two
> years before thinking in changing them.>>
> Bob, what lifespans are you getting with your 40 and 55 Watt PCs?
> Thanks,
> Jared, whose 4 x 96W have been running 15 months with continued excellent
> growth.
> ___________________________________________________________
> Jared Weinberger 

I get well over two years. We get at least two years on Reef tanks with
corals which are far more sensitive to lighting than any FW plant.
I haven't ever had one burn out yet...........
We have changed them on the coral tank after about 24-30 months as a rule
but they may be able to take more.
I think they'll go until they die. Perhaps 3 years or more.
Tom Barr