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No Subject

Art Giacosa wrote:

>AquaSoil is merely a baked clay.  To my knowledge, there are no additions
>it.  However, it actually is a very nice product and similar to the Seachem

>Flourite.  The clay remains in its grain shape, but after a while it does 
>get somewhat soft.  This provides intimate contact with the roots.  It also

>comes in three colors- black, dark brown and light brown.  The different 
>colors are meant to represent three regions of the world.

>From my knowledge of Aqua Soil it is more than just a baked clay. Regular
baked clay would not lower your pH to below 7 and lower your TH, so to
compare it with Flourite would be incorrect. Flourite is more of a laterite
(sp?), whereas Aqua Soil is much more. I am uncertain what make Aqua Soil
buffer for years like this, but it has work in my tank for close to 2 years

One side note, the 3 different flavors of Aqua Soil all buffer the water
different. Amazonia, the dark one, lower and buffers the pH to around 6.3 or
so. The Malaya, the medium one, lowers and buffers the pH to around 6.5. And
the Aficana lower and buffers at around 6.7. 

ADA does make a newer series of substrates that would be similar to Flourite
and laterite, called Aqua Ceramic. This series of substrates do NOT buffer
or interfere with the pH and TH the way Aqua Soil and Power Sand would.

Anyway, FWIW