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Re: Tap Water Conditioners

Dwight wrote:

>Remember, Cl- and ammonia NH3+ are only loosly associated in an ionic bond
>when dissolved in water.  The fact that my chloramine treated tap  water...

Cl- and NH4+ in water is ammonium chloride.  "Chlorine" as used in
water purification terminology is mostly hypochlorous acid, HOCl, and
or hypochlorite ion OCl-.  Chloramine generally refers to monochloramine,
NH2Cl, which is a covalently bonded compound formed by the action of 
hypochlorous acid on ammonia.  (HOCl + NH3 -> H2O + NH2Cl)

I'm not offering an opinion on what your filter may or may not be
removing; I just wanted to correct the chemistry.  I use Amquel
myself, but whatever works for you.

David Ozenne
Fremont, CA

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