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Re: Lighting (getting very frustrated)

My ISP has been dead for a few days, so this is a bit late:

Sylvia sez:
>But, you're suggesting I start from square 1 with PCF's and
>I'm wondering if I can use what's inside those strip lights with some
>modifications. For example, on the 29 gal, would those 4 NO flourescents
>throw out significantly more light if they were not sitting in those cheap
>strip lights? I lack the experience to know this. I'd have to rig it up,
>possibly waste more money, before I came up with the answer. Or use some of
>the components in conjunction with pcf?

If I was trying to light a 29 gallon tank, I think I would use 2x40W
compact fluorescents. I don't know if they will retrofit in your
existing hood.  The 40W lamps are cheaper than the 55W equivalents and
they last longer. If sometime in the future you can't find 5000K or
5400K lamps, you can get 4100K lamps at any big electrical supplier. 
I'm using one 40W lamp with a high light output ballast on a 20 gallon
and it is enough light (I'm thinking about adding a second lamp, cuz
my ballast will work with 2 lamps as normal light output).

Best regards,