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Re: Lighting (getting very frustrated)


>But, you're suggesting I start from square 1 with PCF's and
>I'm wondering if I can use what's inside those strip lights with some
>modifications. For example, on the 29 gal, would those 4 NO flourescents
>throw out significantly more light if they were not sitting in those cheap
>strip lights? I lack the experience to know this. I'd have to rig it up,
>possibly waste more money, before I came up with the answer. Or use some of
>the components in conjunction with pcf?

I've tried the 4 NO fluor. over a 29G tank.  I never seemed to get enough 
light to the plants and this was with very nice reflectors.  I've since 
moved to a 2X55W PCF from AH supply.  It was so easy to do and I'm 
definitely not electronically inclined.  I always have this fear that I'll 
be electrocuted when I first plug the lights in.  Needless to say, I'm still 
alive as I'm writing this response.  Give it a try.  AH's lights are very 
simple and the instructions are clear and concise.  Besides, if you have 
questions, you can always come on this board and get help.  As for the 
expense, for how much you're wanting to pay for the other types of light, 
you could go a lot cheaper this route.
>Basically, my problem has to do with my limited budget. So, I'm trying to
>avoid further mistakes and wasting even more money. I'm gonna be kicking
>myself for a for investing in these expensive window planters.
Good luck.
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