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Reddish tangle algae?

I have this red stuff on my cabomba. It looks like green tangle algae but it 
is a reddish/orange/brown color. There are a few large blobs in my tank and 
it is only on the cabomba near the surface of the water. My conditions are 
temp. 77-78; pH 6.4-6.6; ammonia, nitrites, nitrates 0; phos. 5+; GH 3; KH 
5. I have 240 watts of light on my 90 gallon tank and they are on for 14 
hours a day. Despite the high phosphates I have never had any algae 
problems, and I don't think this is algae. My SAE's won't go near it either. 
I had my lights off for a week while I was building my new hood and wiring 
it and I noticed it when I turned the lights back on. If anyone knows what 
this please email me or post it on the Aquarium Plants Mailing List. Thanks.

Ryan Duff
Pottstown, Pa.
DUFFY730 at hotmail_com
Aquarium Plant Phanatic

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