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Re: All-Glass Compact Flo's

Biplane10 at aol_com wrote:

> Are you saying these fixtures will not accommodate regular pcf bulbs? This
> certainly complicates the matter a bit, for me.
> Sylvia
> > They are 55 watt 'T' type bulbs from GE's BIAX-L series of lamps, with a
> 2g11
> > base (two-Gee-eleven). They are not available to
> >  general distribution in the US, probably not to anyone anywhere except All
> > Glass, so anyone using these is stuck with buying from
> >  All Glass at probably highly inflated profit margins.

They *do* accommodate regular pcf bulbs. Any 55 Watt PC bulb with 2G11 base
can be installed on them. Well, they won't accomodate tubes with "Japanese" 
or "Panasonic" bases (Gy10q), but these seem to be most popular on the
marine side of the hobby anyway.

The availability of the GE bulbs may be a problem just for folks that want 
them for their color/spectrum. "Regular" bulbs such as the ones sold by AHS, 
Coralife, Custom Sea Life and others, should fit with no problems. Notice 
that high color temperature (>= 5,000K) 55 Watt PC bulbs are only found 
(AFAIK) at aquarium suppliers. Commercial lighting suppliers usually offer 
them up to 4,100K, which looks too yellow to me.

I personaly am glad that GE released that bulb. One more option for lighting 
our tanks with PCs.

- Ivo Busko
  Baltimore, MD