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Altering tapwater chemistry with peat

Wayne Swaby wrote:

"The budget for this project is spiralling way out of control, but I'll
about stumping up for the RO unit if the consensus of the list is that I
need one."

Very few hobbyists NEED a R/O unit. Those that do would have to have certain
knowledge that there is something undesirable in their water which cannot be
tolerated or reduced/removed by a cheaper, more environmentally friendly way
(R/O filters waste a LOT of water).

The ONLY sure way that you can decide this is with a full analysis of your
tap-water. Most municipalities (at least here in North America) are only too
happy to mail out a copy of the latest analysis of the water that they
provide. The details provided can sometimes be very brief or in other
locations be incredibly detailed. For example, the Toronto water report has
four pages of details, listing the allowable and measured amounts for a
whole host of things which can be in a water supply.

Once you have the analysis, it should be easy to determine if there is a
problem with your water which requires adjustment. In the vast majority of
cases, if its fit for humans to drink, its OK for use in an aquarium. If you
see any chemicals which you think might cause a problem, just post to the
list with the details and someone here will probably be able to tell you if
it is likely to be problematic.

Good luck,

James Purchase
(with a perfectly good, but very seldom used R/O filter)