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Dupla electra compact fluoro light.

I've reverted to lurking for many months now, but I've just fitted a 
brand new Dupla electra light fitting which uses 2 x 55 watt compact 
fluoros. It replaced a 2 tube 4 ft fitting on top of a 3 foot tank.

What a difference! Apart from the fact that it was a 50% increase in 
wattage, it's a whole different class in the reflector stakes with 
one of these dimpled polished aluminium reflectors that really does a 
good job. In addition, the scatter outside the tank is much reduced, 
partly because it doesn't hang over the ends just wasting some light, 
and partly because it really does control the light spread much 
better. I don't have a meter but I'd guess the light level at the 
bottom of the tank is around twice as bright as previously, or 
possibly a little brighter than that even.  What's more, the fixture 
looks a lot better too!

The immediate response was a lot of fish activity. I guess they were 
looking for their sunglasses. Now to find out what it does for the 
plants. My dealer promises a jungle and I haven't had one of those 
for a while so I'm looking forward to it. What I'm hoping to see 
tomorrow afternoon is pearling again - I might have to reconnect the 
CO2 system too. I'd  happily been low tech again for a while and here 
I go again with another itch. :-)

David Aiken