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Re: Cables

 T. Barr:
>> Having used cables for many years and built a few(5) along the way, I see
>> little if any(I haven't seen a definite case yet) benefit to any tank and
>> they are not cheap, an extra piece of unneeded equipment, waste of
>> electricity, some other cord to hide etc. Every summer I got a good chance
>> to see if things grew better or not. No difference IMO.
>> Simple is good. Amano can do without them just fine as can folks here.
>> Would anyone like a Dupla 100 cable system complete? It's hard to sell one
>> when you know they don't do a whole lot:)
> Hey Tom, in your above statement you seem to question cables' benefit in
> two distinct areas:
> 1] on the tank as a whole.
> 2] On plants directly.
> I read somewhere that the main benefit of cables' gentle currents that they
> constantly transfer form water column to substrate  is to accelerate the
> rate at which tank stability is achieved.  Having achieved stability,
> cables make that stability resistant to change.  Thus, nutrients in the
> water column tend to be drawn into the substrate where they can be absorbed
> by the plants and not algae.

Osmosis does the same thing. Our tanks are not very stratisfied compared to
natural waters and their cycles. When folks make that jump from nature and
the data collected there(CO2 and PO4 are classic examples) to our nice super
controlled environment things are not always what they seem nor is the data
always applicable. I jump all over at first to see the main points then
later go back and tinker to see if this is indeed true or not.
> Therein lies the point;   experienced aquarists like us don't need help in
> managing nutrients.

Oh we all need help there:) Even the best plant keeper does lots of boo
boo's:) Fine tuning is another issue to bring up there also.

 We've worked out numerous prophylactic, diagnostic and
> remediation strategies over the years of fiddling with tanks that
> normal:-) people with one or two tanks would never discover on their own.

Some folks have that I know.

> They can't master these strategies b/c the opportunities don't present
> themselves often enough unless you are constantly setting up new aquariums.

Again some folks have.
They are careful and watch their tanks very well.
> I take your point about the cables in hotter climates though.  I cut mine
> off in the Summer.  However, that tank is on an outside veranda and I'm in
> South Florida.  You live in California.  I could well run it year-round if
> I ran the AC year-round and the tank was indoors and so might you.

Too much to worry about. How many folks are going to do that just for the
damn cables? Lose em cables!
Tom Barr      cable hater/flourite lover