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Re: CO2 regulators

<< After that, think really hard about the situation that has us believing we
 "need" the precision of multi- stage regulation. *That* should determine if
 the added cost is necessary for your own particular circumstance... >>

Makes sense to me. But then again it also makes sense to me NOT to allow your 
cylinder to run empty and risk that *dreaded CO2 Dump* in the first place. I 
would think the *cost effective* way to manage this little detail is to 
monitor you system and when the cylinder -- regulator total weight is 
decreased by 75 or whatever percentage of it when full, shut it down and get 
a refill.  I mean you will have to do this eventually anyway yes? Or are the 
proponents simply trying to save a few pennies on the gas, by spending some 
big bucks on that fancy regulator?

Not an elegant, expensive or high tech solution. I guess that's the problem 
with it eh?

David N (whose single stage, dual regulator, Bioplast CO2 injection system 
with supplied check and metering valves has worked without flaw for two 
months now.