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Follow up on CO2 Regulators

As I receivd from Mr Travis an E-Mail in response to my posting, I felt it
is important to respond to his E-Mail to me, with my reply to him, so that
if my advisors have erred, it can be thrashed out among the many interested
parties who read this bulletin.

I am always willing to learn, but resent the terms "idiot etc, and
aggressive attitudes of some persons, when they wish to make a point. One
can always correct things and still be polite about it. 

His (Neil Travis message below, followed by my reply to him).

CO2 is not a liquid but in fact a gas unless you are an idiot using a
decanting bottle which has the outlet on the bottom of the bottle.Get your
facts straight

 My reply

Dear Mr. Travis,
                 Thank you for your communication.

I do not know what your profession is, but mine is Veterinary and Marine
Biology. When I decide to "move" into a sphere like engineering, I take the
trouble to speak with experts in that field, and rely upon their advice. In
fact three companies with whom we deal in the CO2 area, have ALL confirmed
what I reproduce below.

Of course you may be a PhD in this field for all I know, and if you can
"shoot down" the 3 companies, ( two of whom are VERY LARGE INDEED), then I
am willing to hear you out.

However I have noticed on the ActWin bulletin boards, some persons, who just
love to make a lot of noise, and have no background in this matter at all.
One especially who is always sounding of about CO2 and has according to his
mail to me, not yet used a professional system.

Anyway my reply to you, based on the consensus I mentioned is reproduced
below. If you wish to make a factual argument against this precis, as
indicated to myself , (& understood , I hope by myself as well), I will
pleased to forward it to all 3 companies, for their comments. Please however
refrain from using the terms "idiot" etc in any reply, and keep things

The argument as explained to nme & others by the companies I refer to.

""""" Co2 in a cylinder is a liquid with a head of gas at the top of the
cylinder.Pressure of the gas at the top of the cylinder is dependent upon
storage temperature. At low gas withdrawal rates & stable temperatures, head
pressure will remain relatively constant until all the liquid in the
cylinder has been vaporized. 
A two stage regulator is typically used to maintain constant gas delivery
pressure as inlet gas pressure to the regulator varies. With a stable inlet
pressure this feature of a two stage regulator is typically NOT REQUIRED."""""




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