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Re: Tank lifespans

My oldest tank is a painted metal framed, slate bottomed, Metaframe
Angelfish Breeder, with stand.  It needs resealing (not the first time)
so is not on display. Perhaps over 50?

My next oldest tank is a 50 gallon Chicago Jewel, chromed angle steel
frame and stand, 1" slate base with internal white glass cover over the
slate, 1/2" polished plate glass, beveled corners (to minimize putty,
early salt tank).  Never  been out of use, but dug out accessible putty
and siliconed >20 years ago.  Matching stand.  ~1956-58

Next oldest, one of the early Metaframe all glass tanks from the brief
period between their introduction and the company's demise. Don't
remember the date, never resealed.