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Tank lifespans

I've got a chance to purchase some *old* tanks from a friend's 
cousin's friend. You know, in other words, I have no idea how old 
they actually are. I've seen them and they don't look _too_ bad. 
One has the stainless frame and a slate bottom from what I could 
tell. The other two are just old glass tanks. The sealant isn't 
peeling or show signs of mistreatment. It is discolored, kinda 
yellowish, brown. They haven't been used in 10+ years, just sitting 
in a closet serving as storage boxes. They have no brand name 
markings or anything that could point to manufacturing dates. 

My oldest tank is a 20 gal from about 1985. It still looks great. 

The sizes are also unknown. I didn't think to measure them, but I 
would guess 2 are ~ 30gal and the metal-framed one maybe 
~40gal. That's a lot of water to try to mop up after-the-fact! I guess 
the smartest move would be to get them on a "testing period loan" 
and fill them full and leave 'em outside for a while. He's not asking 
much for them, they're just glass storage boxes to him. 

Anyone have any experience with these "old" tanks? I would guess 
they're circa early 1960's. 

An article in the lastest FAMA is about a man who says he breaks 
down his old tanks into five pieces and reseals the joints etc. Boy, 
I'd probably rather save my lunch money for a while before 
attemping something like that. My wife would probably fly the coup!

BTW, Tom Barr is enlightening the world yet again with a cork 
background article. Excellent job! I may have to try it myself one 


Jamie    <"\\\><
Greenwood, SC