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Re: Dana Riddle Article - October FAMA

Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2000 02:22:56 -0700
From: Victor Eng
> I just read the Dana Riddle article on how Eggcrate can
> increase the lighting in a tank by 25%.  Apperently the
> eggcrate has a thin side & a thick side.  If you put the thin
< [corrected to thick in follow-up - N] side facing up this
> causes the increased light effect...

Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2000 07:22:45 -0400
From: Wayne Jones
> >
> >...It has an amazing effect when it is placed under the
> >fixture. If you stand to the side and look at the fixture you
> >can barely tell if it is even on. For some reason they are
> >is referred to as parabolic grills...
> >
> >It wouldn't suprise me at all if that they increase the light
> >entering the tank. They restrict the angle of the light hitting
> >the water surface so more light enters the water...

A couple of years ago the local Food Lion upgraded their lighting from
4-foot T12s to 8-foot T8s, even within their office space. The old fixtures
from the offices had these gratings, which I originally talked them out of
for use in supporting rocks and stones, keeping "diggers" from reaching the
fertilized portions of the substrate, etc.

When they told me they were available for pick- up, I was disappointed to
discover that they were coated with an aluminized Mylar- type finish. Being
wary of this finish in a substrate, I decided instead to fit them back into
some lighting fixtures. I was amazed at the difference - almost all of the
light leaving the grate falls *straight down* - no discernable diffusion at
all and a very tight illumination pattern at tank distances.

Unfortunately, I eventually discarded them anyway - these particular grates
were pretty well "weathered" and beaten. The "aluminum" started flaking away
with handling, which I *didn't* like at all since it tended to end up in the

Not to worry, though. These grates were the originals from the store opening
over ten years previous. I don't imagine fresh ones, properly cared for,
would be problematic...


David A. Youngker
nestor10 at mindspring_com