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Re: ph Shock... what about hardness shock for plants??

On Mon, Sep 25, 2000 at 10:35:54AM -0700, Darrell Roze wrote:
> I am interested in knowing however, is how you add fish to tanks.  Do you
> just net the fish and drop them in the tank?  I could see the benefits of
> the strategy:  removing the fish from the ammonia laden bag, not stressing
> the fish by putting them into a new environment without any ability to hide.

I just dump 'em in. And I've done this with all my fish for years and
years and years and ... you get the idea. Some argue that you
shouldn't do this because you're mixing potentially disease and
god-only-knows-what-else infected water with your "good" water. But
hell, if the new fish are diseased, just by not mixing the water ain't
going to keep your fish from catching something. That's why you
quarantine first if you can't (won't) risk your established fish. And
always buy from reputable, disease-free sources.

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