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RE: ph Shock... what about hardness shock for plants??

> From: "Jeff Bodin" <bodin1 at gte_net>
> I never experienced pH shock in the 5 years I was breeding Angelfish and
> Discus. I would have pH as low as 3.5 in some tanks and when it
> got that low I would adjust the pH back to about 7.0 in a matter of
> minutes. No effect
> Kind of makes you laugh when the new guy at the LFS says "float the bag".

I have also experienced substantial pH swings with no losses of fish.

I am interested in knowing however, is how you add fish to tanks.  Do you
just net the fish and drop them in the tank?  I could see the benefits of
the strategy:  removing the fish from the ammonia laden bag, not stressing
the fish by putting them into a new environment without any ability to hide.