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Re: pH shock


There *is* such a thing known as pH shock, but it is mostly experienced
by importers of fish.

It is true that the ponds in Florida, where so many tropical fish are
raised, fluctuate from up to 6.0 in some areas at night to 8.5 or more
during the day and there is *no* effect on the fish.  It is probably
true elsewhere in nature. Of course, this change is over hours -- not

However, particularly in the importation of *some* varieties of
freshwater fish and *most* MARINE FISH, without slow acclimation the
fish will either "faint" or die because of a rapid change from the acid
condition in the shipping bag to the alkaline condition in the receiving

Moving fish from a varience of 1.0 or 2.0 differences in pH in aquariums
does not normally cause pH shock, but ask your dealers if they have ever
had fish faint.  That's it, fellow hobbyists! (I've handled millions of
fish and can prove it easily!)

Merrill Cohen
Pikesville, MD