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Price Check.....er.... make that Reality Check.....

This is just for reference, in case anyone is curious..... I contacted the
local Air Products office to price their regulators:

Single Stage
General Purpose        E11-215      $ 244.13 Cdn -> $ 164.15 US
High Purity Analytical E11-244      $ 281.79 Cdn -> $ 189.50 US
Two Stage
General Purpose        E12-215      $ 359.91 Cdn -> $ 242.00 US
High Purity Analytical E12-244      $ 425.48 Cdn -> $ 286.10 US

The specs on the different models can be found on the web at

Air Products told me that their model E-11-215 should be more than up to the
task of running a CO2 system for aquarium use, but that the analytical and
two stage models are more precise and do allow for finer control. You decide
what you want..... and what you can afford.....

I'm not advocating that anyone run out and spend this kind of money, but it
is nice to know how much one company is charging for fully spec'ed
equipment. B.T.W. - they will set the regulators up with whatever I/O
connectors that your design calls for.....

The Canadian prices are valid for Toronto area only, other parts of the
country might be different and the U.S. prices are straight conversions of
the Cdn. pricing run thru an on-line currency exchange web site. You mileage
may vary, and the US prices ARE NOT officially from AP.

Isn't it amazing (and a bit disheartening) to see how much less the Canadian
dollar is worth compared to the American dollar?

James Purchase