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Do razor blades scratch tank walls?

<< Also, is there some kind of "safe" holder for these razor blades?  I am
 feeling that it's a bit dangerous, especially in tight corners behind
 plants, where I can't see what I'm doing.  I do need to clean those corners,
 because that side of the tank is visible from another side. >>

They don't with my tank now, and did not scratch the glass on my tanks back 
in the 1950s. I guess you should replace the blade when it gets a bit rusty.  
Regarding a safety holder, *ALLWAY* makes one. (I have one) I know not about 
local availability but I found mine at The Aquarium Center, Randellstown MD.

And I agree with the implication -- some of the old ways, are better than the 
new *ways*.

David Napierkowski