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Re: Do razor blades scratch tank walls?

On Mon, 18 Sep 2000, Gitte wrote:

> In my 50 gal. planted tank, I occasionally have some extremely hard algae on
> the glass, that can't be removed with a regular algae scrubber.  I started
> using a single-edged razor blade, and then noticed how crystal clear the
> glass is afterwards.  So, I have started using it on a weekly basis,
> although the hard algae really doesn't collect that quickly; now I like the
> clearer look.  I am wondering whether this is a good idea - - does it
> scratch the glass?

No, not in my experience, and I've been using razor blades to scrape algae
for a long time.

> Also, is there some kind of "safe" holder for these razor blades?  I am
> feeling that it's a bit dangerous, especially in tight corners behind
> plants, where I can't see what I'm doing.  I do need to clean those corners,
> because that side of the tank is visible from another side.

I bet they still make the algae scrapers that hold razor blades.  However,
the ones I have are for double-edge rather than single-edge razors.  I
have two, both with long handles that broke in the middle.  Despite that,
they're still serviceable, I just get more of my arm wet while using them.

Roger Miller