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New Topic

I thought I would lighten things up a little and ask for people to share
why they got into aquariums and aquatic plants, what they love about the
hobby so much, what frustrates them about their hobby (not in APD
please) and what things need to change within the hobby.  How about your
favorite plants and fish and why??  For me I have had a love for the
aquatic world since I was probably 5, I am 29 now.  I spent all my kid
years (the best years of my life!) in streams, lakes, ponds, creeks,
rivers exploring, probing and touching  the shallows non-stop, totally
amazed at all the beautiful life under water and bringing home all kinds
of this "stuff" (much to the chagrin of my mother!).  For me, having a
tank, especially a planted tank, brings that world that much closer.  I
will sit and stare at my tank for hours, especially now that I am a
college graduated, hard working adult (superior stress relief).  It
reminds me how fragile, fascinating and simple this world really is and
that we are are part of it not in control of it (even though we like to
think so).
Maybe for a minute we could share some thoughts and forget about dumb
newbie questions, who said what to "rock our boat" or how incompetent
some one is...it really is bringing me down and that is not why I love
to read experiences from APD.  Maybe this way we can all get back to the
same page and connect with our deep love and need for our "Nature
Aquarium World".    

Have a good Monday,