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Re: Through the Looking Glass

My copy of Through the Looking Glass arrived Wednesday, a week 
and two days after ordering by snail mail with a personal check- 
amazing! (I live in NY)
	I haven't had a chance to thoroughly inspect the book, but I'm 
very pleased with what I've seen so far.  The book is split into 
Emergent plants, Free-floating plants, Floating-leaf plants, and 
Submerged plants.  The catagories are then spilt into smaller plant 
	For each plant there will be a very good description section, 
range in US (had hoped that part would have been more specific), 
it's habitat, life cycle through the year, and value to Aquatic 
community.   There is at least one very large, detailed drawing of 
each plant that is very informative.  A feature provided that I always 
enjoy is the English translation of the Scientific name.
	At the beginning of each major plant grouping there is a 
wonderful aquatic scene drawn by the illustrator Carol Watkins. I'm 
going to see if she has any prints for sale.
	If you're into native aquatic plants and want an easy reading 
book, I highly recommend the book!  I purchased it through the U. 
of Michigan .  Can't remember the address, you'll have to go to the 
archives to get the address.  Book cost $17, which included 
shipping.    Ray Spahn